The Interactive Physics Problem Set

This web contains almost 100 practice problems for physics students. They're accompanied by detailed solutions and interactive computer experiments*.

*The computer experimentss only run on Macintosh computers that have Interactive Physics II installed but MPEG movies are available for many of the problems.


Project Summary.
Users Guide.
Computer Experiment User's Guide.
Study Tips.


Chapter 1: Calculus review. (no experiments)
Chapter 2: Position and Velocity.
Chapter 3: Position, Velocity, and Acceleration.
Chapter 4: Projectiles
Chapter 5: More Projectiles
Chapter 6: Forces
Chapter 7: Force Applications
Chapter 8: Multi-Block Problems
Chapter 9: Intro to Circular Motion
Chapter 10: Friction
Chapter 11: Energy and Work
Chapter 12: Energy and Momentum Conservation Laws
Chapter 13: More On Conservation Laws
Chapter 14: Torques and Rotational Inertia.
Chapter 15: Torques, Rotational Inertia, and Angular Momentum

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Copyright 1994 by the Regents of the University of California. These problems, solutions, and experiments are provided as an educational resource for non-commercial use only.
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